Second Favorite Compliment

My favorite compliment is when a child isn’t ready for our session to end.  Over the years, I’ve even seen a few kids cry because they wanted to stay and play.  (The parents hated it, but I loved it!) 

My second favorite compliment, hands-down, is when men, especially dads, have a totally different experience than what they expected.   Men don’t typically think about, schedule or necessarily look forward to a photo session.  But, my goal is to make each session 100% FUN, RELAXED and LAID-BACK.    

Mark Twain was right when he said, “I can live for two months on a good compliment.”  It’s awesome when I get an email after a session telling me the kids wanted to play with me again.  It’s even better when it says the guy enjoyed it too! 

If you’ve been wanting to schedule a session, but you’re getting some ‘guy-resistance’ due to his thoughts of pictures in the past being too stuffy or posed, take a look at some of my FAVORITE dad-shots below…

I love when a dad brings something that has meaning between he and his child.  This daddy sings and plays the guitar to his little girl each night.        Father’s Day is this Sunday.  A session would be a great gift to document this stage in your life and family!   For more information, email ( or call (770-639-0598).

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