Ryan, Amber & Lillie

I received an email a few years ago from a really sweet girl in North Carolina.  She wrote about how much she loved photography and asked a lot of questions about starting her own photography business.  Over the next three years, we exchanged a lot of emails.  She clearly had an eye for photography and, more than anything else, worked extremely hard to make her goals happen.  (Most people don’t know how much work goes into having a photography business.  The real works starts AFTER the photo shoot!) Unlike most places now, she was in a great area that didn’t already have plenty of established photographers.   I knew she could do it! Flash forward a few years.  Now, she is a very successful photographer and her clients love her.

I was excited when she asked me to photograph her family.  We arranged a time when she would be passing through my area with her family.  After years of emails and phone conversations, it was great to FINALLY meet her in person!

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