Ruthie’s an “ANIMAL PERSON!”

Ruthie claimed she’s a TURTLE PERSON;” but, during our trip to Farmland Adventure yesterday, I realized it’s safe to say, she’s aHORSE PERSON” as well! cmp_9418n
She’s a “COW PERSON” too!cmp_9504b


She’s like me!  She can’t get enough of those gorgeous cows!

tonguecmp_9507bcmp_9475ncmp_9356nI think the GOATS like her too!

Ruthie and I both snuck-off at different times to love-on this sweet, beautiful girl… cmp_9393n

Ruthie’s routine was:
* Get Ross to make her an extra chocolately s’more.
* Go visit and talk to this lonely, little guy.
(Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.)

He EVEN talked back!  cmp_9615bewitchedptmearthygoatruthielovesmores

There’s not much cuter than a 4-year old asking a horse her size if he wants any of her s’more… and then him shaking his head YES!


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