Ross’ Senior Photos

I tried every trick in the book to get Ross EXCITED about his senior photos.

I found a neat downtown area with a fun restaurant where we could eat afterwards.
If he wanted a more modern look, I had that covered too!
What about on the pickle ball courts?

But all of my ideas seemed to be met with either
“It’s not that deep,”
“We’ll see,”
or “No thanks.”

To my surprise though, in true-Ross-fashion, he threw me a curveball somewhere between parking in Tampa and boarding our Christmas cruise.

“So, I’m thinking we could just do my senior photos on the ship.”

Beggars can’t be choosy, so here ya’ go!

I am so incredibly proud of the young man Ross is becoming. His love for the Lord is what I am MOST grateful for! I pray the Lord will use him for His glory!

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