Ross’ Plan

It was a GREAT idea and I was more excited than the kids.

Friends of our family invited Ross and Rayna over to ‘help‘ them with their nightly task of bottle-feeding their calves.

But, after only being there a few minutes, I quickly discovered 2 things:
1.  Rayna was in love.
2.  Ross was thinking-up a plan.

It all started when Ross asked the owner how much it would cost to buy a baby cow.
I saw Ross’ face after hearing the answer and KNEW I was in trouble.

“I have $80!  I can BUY one!”

I explained that, “unlike Papa and Gigi who have plenty of room”, living in a neighborhood keeps OUR family from owning a cow.
So Ross, being a pretty smart kid, directed his NEXT question to my dad:

“Papa?  Can I buy it and keep it at YOUR house?”

Even though my dad is nice and allowed ME and my sister to own a goat, pig, squirrel, raccoon and skunk, I think he’s learned some lessons since then.  So, although he danced around the question for a second, Ross still got a ‘no’.


On the way to school the next day, Rayna was STILL talking about how she wanted to name her cow “Flower.”
Looking at Ross sitting in the backseat between his two sisters, I could tell the wheels in his brain were STILL turning.

When I came home from a Bible Study Monday night, my mom said Ross asked her a question before going to bed:

“Gigi?  What would Papa do if we got him a cow for his birthday?”


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