Robbie, Marcy & Tinsley

When I got an email from Marcy asking if we could do another session at their home in Athens, I was so excited!  I hadn’t seen Tinsley since our last session a year ago and I KNEW she would have changed so much.  Well, her hair WAS a little longer (which is how she related the last time I came to play with her), but she was STILL the same ol’ sweet, funny, smart and polite Tinsley.



Even though rain caused us to cancel our original session where I was going to document Tinsley swimming (one of her favorite things), we STILL captured the REAL moments they wanted to remember forever.  Can you tell how much she loves her swing set?!? 
How beautiful and sweet are these girls?!?!


Tinsley loves tea parties.  Her invitation was extended to 3 stuffed animals, Marcy, Robbie and, eventually, ME!
Love this family!  I hope to join Tinsley in the pool next summer to show-off her swimming skills!


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