Robbie, Marcy & Tinsley

It was an amazing session.  The kind of session that I ended-up writing about in my Happiness Journal when I returned home from Georgia.

But, as much happiness as this particular session gave me, honestly, I pulled out of that long, beautiful Athen’s driveway feeling confused and a little afraid…


There’s a long story (that I hope to write about one day), but, basically, my family recently decided to change the direction our lives were going.  A year ago, we left our family, our friends, our church, a job my husband loved and everything we knew to intentionally step away from our ‘busy‘ lives.  This move not only took us away from a convenient area (with family all around us) to a new place (where we found ourselves surrounded by cows and horses), but most importantly, it changed our daily pace from ‘busy‘ to super-intentional.

And part of my commitment to this new, quiet life, I knew the plans God desired for my family meant me stepping away from the photography business that had brought me so many wonderful memories and great friends for so many years.

So, for the past year, the only photos I’ve had inside my camera to post or write about were of my OWN children (…most likely, super muddy in a creek somewhere).  That was, UNTIL my family recently visited Georgia and I opened-up a few days for sessions…

But, after letting Tinsley lead me to the same spot we photographed her four years ago


And watching her run around the same spot we took her photos less than a year agoDSC_6180jDSC_6041bhomeDSC_6045j1DSC_6034b

And, just listening to her talk- noticing how much she’s changed since her 5th Birthday PartyDSC_6053jDSC_6066jDSC_6081bgardenmhttdetails

…I guess it HIT me.

I’ve gotten SO much JOY from my clients.
I’ve formed SO many relationships that, like this family, now feels more like friendships.
I’ve made SO many memories that I wouldn’t take anything for.
And, I’ve been able to capture SO many moments that have, hopefully, meant as much to the family as they do to me.

So, my heart is officially torn.

I love my new, quiet life.  But, I miss documenting moments in other families lives.

Praying for direction.

Check back this weekend for MORE *UNDERWATER* photos from their Lifestyle Session!
AND, if Marcy gives me the ‘okay,’ I’ll post a special video with some fun moments during our session.


(And, thanks for anyone who took the time to read this entire (LONG) post.  I know it was heavier than normal, but, it certainly helps me process my feelings when I allow others to be part of my journey!)

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