Robbie, Marcy & Tinsley

I have to admit…
Right before sending the “First to Know” email to my clients in Georgia about my upcoming visit back,  I got VERY nervous that no one would be interested.  However, I got the BIGGEST smile on my face when, very shortly after pressing ‘send‘,  I received a text message from Marcy.  She told me to reserve Friday for her, she’d make anything work and would travel wherever she needed to.  Wow!  Talk about MAKING my DAY!  Not only did I deeply appreciate Marcy’s loyalty, but I’ve developed a very special relationship with this family over the years that makes our sessions together a TREAT for ME!

Since I’d already done a few Lifestyle Sessions at their home over the years (and a GREAT, GREAT birthday party), I thought it would be the PERFECT place for this session as well!


Thank you again, Robbie and Marcy!  I loved catching-up with Tinsley and spending time with you all!

On a side-note, my other Georgia-spots filled-up very, very quickly.  (So much that I wasn’t able to offer any sessions online!)  If you’d also like to be one of the first to know about future sessions or specials, please comment, call or text!

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