Riley & Reegan

My first day in Phoenix got off to a GREAT start!  IN-N-OUT Burger for lunch and a wonderful session with two beautiful little girls.  Since I love photographing children so much, it always makes me SO happy when I get an email saying I wasn’t the only one who had fun during our session…

“Riley keeps asking to ‘see Christy again.’  Before we left the park last night she kept saying ‘I want to see Christy again.’  Then in the car it was “one more time.”   Today she tells me a long version of ‘when it was the end of taking pictures and Christy and I were sitting by the water, the ducks were putting their whole head in the water and it was sooooo funny.’  We are very excited about the pictures and are sure you captured our family just right.”

I’m trying out a new blog-slideshow, so I’m posting a few more images than I normally do.  With these adorable girls, I don’t think anyone minds seeing more of these super-cute faces! 

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