Quick Trip to Chattanooga

The kiddies and I love visiting Chattanooga.  It’s only a few hours away and there’s always a lot of kid-friendly activities.  Before going into the Tennessee Aquarium, we found this neat, reflective building.  We stopped to take a quick picture together. 

(Right after this shot, Ross says to me, “Now come on, Sweetheart.”  When your 4-year old son, who you adore more than anything, calls you ‘Sweetheart,‘ you gladly put your camera away and forget about the other shots you would have loved to have tried in front of that cool building.)

Ross’ 2 favorite things: 
1.  The butterfly that attached itself to his shirt
2.  The fish that caused him to start screaming, “HEY!!!  ‘Dat fish looks like Nana’s pajamas!!!”

As we approaced the small stingray exibit, an employee gave Ross and Rayna a piece of shrimp to hand-feed to the stingrays. 
My thoughts at this point:  Awesome.  Great.  Totally excited.
Then, as I moved away to take a picture of the kids, I hear the same employee instructing them both to get their hand out of the water because the SHARK (yes… SHARK) was wanting the food and it would bite their fingers. 

Below is Ross’ face when she said the words ‘SHARK’ and ‘BITE YOUR FINGERS’ in the same sentence… 
Is it just me or is it a little odd they would add a shark (small, but shark, none-the-less) to the interactive ‘feed the stingray’ kid exibit?

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