Pricing and Session Information




Q: “What should I expect?”
A: Aside from receiving beautiful images that you can’t wait to get on your wall, my MAIN goal is to make the ENTIRE process easy, fun and enjoyable!  I want you to be EXCITED about the location, session ideas and clothing options!  During our session, my goal is that everyone (even the guys, teenagers and kids) will really enjoy our time together.  (My FAVORITE compliment is when kids cry because they don’t want our session to be over!)


Q: “What sets you apart from other photographers?”
1. I am CRAZY-passionate about photography. I liked it in kindergarten. I loved it in middle school. By high school, I was obsessed. It’s usually one of the first things I think about when I wake-up in the morning. And, at some point in EVERY session, you’ll see my excitement! (Yes, I may even stop mid-session to show you some of the pictures in my camera!)
2. I absolutely LOVE children. If I weren’t a photographer (or writer, or cook or therapist), I’d love to be a teacher!
3. I work super-duper fast and take LOTS and LOTS of photos!

Q: “Which session is right for me?”

A: Most people love my 1-hour session. This gives us the freedom to choose a location that’s perfect for your family. It also gives us plenty of time to get lots of creative photographs!
“Mini Sessions” are only offered twice a year. These are 30-minutes sessions and ideal for families who simply want a few updated photos for holiday cards or announcements. (These sessions are not ideal for outfit-changes, incorporating props, large families or animals.)
My 2-hour session is popular for birthday parties, seniors (who would like 2 locations and several outfit-changes), “Lifestyle Sessions” (a true documentation of your family’s REAL life taken in your home, photographing everyday ‘life’) or an Extended Family Session (with more than 1-family).

Q: “What’s included?”

A: Everything! Your session, plus ALL of your (edited, color & b/w) High-Resolution digital files!

Q: “Why so much?”

A: Although High Resolution Files are desired more than anything else, many professional photographers still do NOT offer these. If they ARE offered (in addition to prints and albums), High Resolution Files can often be close to $100 per image. Although this may sound like a big investment for a digital copy of ONE single image, if the image you are receiving is excellent quality and captures the emotion of the subject, this is STILL a fair price for something that you and your family will cherish and enjoy the rest of your lives. (Not to mention having the ability to PRINT this image for yourself and others.)
But although I’d personally pay $100 for an image that makes my heart skip-a-beat, I realize this would add-up rather QUICKLYespecially with MY clients who receive LOTS and LOTS of images that they have a hard time choosing between!
So, in hopes to give my clients ALL of their FAVORITE High Resolution digital images to archive, stare at, print, print again, decorate with, use on cards and announcements and give as gifts, I’ve included them ALL (INCLUDING the session) at a fee that is well-worth the investment.

Q: “Why so little?”

A: For the attention, quality and amount of images my clients receive, I am aware my prices are lower than most. However, my desire is to offer my photography at a rate that makes it possible for everyone to receive priceless memories their families will cherish forever.

Q: “Can I break my session up into my payment?”

A: Yes.  If needed, you can pay half to reserve your spot and the remaining at our session.


Q: “My extended family is in town for a holiday.  Can we pleeese do a session then?”
A: Yes!  I understand how hard it is to get everyone together AND how important photographs are.  So, I will take time away from my family on special days to accommodate other family’s specific needs.  If a holiday is needed for you family, $165 can be added to your session to make sure everyone gets to be a part of your special day!




YEAH!  Your Session is SCHEDULED!  Now what?!?

Q: “How do I choose a location?”
A: Is there a place that is meaningful to your family? Perhaps it’s a creek where your family camps each year, a family member’s farm, a favorite park or your own backyard!  If nothing comes to mind, don’t worry!  Whether you’re looking for urban, country, classy or playful, I have LOTS of beautiful spots that I can’t wait to tell you about!

Q: “How do I choose outfits?”

A: Good news! I have lots of tips and examples on how to choose outfits for everyone (without losing your mind). Once we schedule a session, I’ll send more information, but, keep in mind… You do NOT have to match. Choose a general color-scheme and have fun adding textures, layers and accessories!

Q: “Should I bring anything to our session?”

A: You do not need to bring anything. However, if there is something that is meaningful to your family, child or senior, feel free to incorporate it into our session. If you’re doing an extended family session and want to include an old rocking-chair that’s been in the family for several generations, bring it along! When photographing children, especially for milestone/birthday photos, I think it’s a GREAT idea to bring along something that’s meaningful to the child. A photo of your little boy carrying a bug-catcher might not be printed for your walls, but it will CERTAINLY be one of the most treasured photos when you look back on it and KNOW it was a TRUE representation of his personality at that stage of his life!

Q: “I saw a prop on your blog that I LOVE! Can you bring it to my session?”

A: Yes! Feel free to request any prop that you’ve seen on my blog!



AFTER your Session… Time to PRINT!

Q: “What happens after my session?”
A: Within 2-weeks of your session, you will receive an email with a link to download all of your digital files. You can choose to download these files to your laptop, hard-drive, disc or hard-drive. The process is simple, but I’d be happy to walk you through it OR simply mail a disc to you!


Q: “Can I print anywhere?
A: Yes, technically, you can.  (BUT, you’ll probably cry when you see the colors printed incorrectly.)
I HIGHLY recommend using an online lab that specializes in printing ‘professionally edited‘ images.  Most printers (at local stores and discount websites) are not properly equipped to print your images. Their machines make automatic ‘adjustments’ that will negatively affect the colors and tones in your photograph.
It would be similar to a chef rolling out dough for lasagna noodles, simmering a homemade sauce for hours, adding only the freshest ingredients and topping it with the best cheese… only to find out he had to cook it in a nasty, dorm-microwave instead of the big, beautiful, brick oven it was created for.
The color and clarity of your image is a result of correct exposure and professional editing. In order to maintain the professional quality that you deserve, only trust a lab who knows how to process professionally-edited images.
I recommend


Q: “Can I order prints through you?
A: Yes. Many, many clients still order their prints through me.  Not only does my professional lab offer INCREDIBLE quality (which is guaranteed 100 years), they also offer a fun type of print called “Story Boards” (which displays several images on one print).  If you’d like to order prints, canvases, Story Boards or albums through me, I can walk you through the process and even show you what those images will look like on YOUR wall!   Email me for a list of my prints and packages!


Q: “Are prints included?
A: No. Along with all of our High Resolution Files, a Copyright Release Form is included which will give you permission to print any of the images at any size.


Q: “What sizes should I print for my wall?
A: If you need help deciding which sizes will look best on your wall, call me!  I’ve had several clients order a print or canvas and, after looking at it on their wall, realized it was MUCH smaller than they thought.



Q:  “Do you offer gift certificates?
A:  Yes!  Popular amounts are $50, $100, $200 or a full-session (everything included).  Click here to purchase one now! 


Q: “Will you travel outside your area?
A: Certainly. Email me for additional rates.


Q: “When do I need to schedule my session?
A:  I limit bookings to 4-5 per month. Typically, I’m booked 4-6 weeks in advance.



Q:  “What’s your favorite food in the entire world?”
A:  Great question.  Eggplant Parmesan.  Vegetable soup.  Broccoli casserole.  Thanks for asking.


Q: “Can my friends and family contribute towards my session?
A: Yes! Whether it’s your birthday, Mother’s/Father’s Day, Valentines or Christmas, there’s ALWAYS a reason to drop a hint that photography is a PERFECT gift!  Here’s a link if someone would like to give you a gift that will last a lifetime!


Q: “Do you photography newborn deliveries?  Weddings?”
A: Although I love photographing both, this season of my life doesn’t allow me to take on sessions that will keep me away from my family for long periods of time.



  • High-Resolution digital files:  A fully-edited digital file of all your images.  There will be a color and b/w version of each image.  The quality of each digital file will be high enough to print that image at any size.
  • Birthday or Event Coverage: Not only will I be there to document all of the amazing details, food and people at your event or party, I’ll also capture PLENTY of special moments and sweet interactions amongst your friends and family!  This coverage can range from 2 hours to 5 hours… depending on your individual needs.  As always, ALL of these High-Resolution files are YOURS to keep, copy, print and share!  (On a side-note, guests from your party will LOVE receiving professional-photos of their children or family from you after your party is over!)  If you’d like, I can also make a (mp4) video slideshow with all of your highlights!  This file will also be yours to keep, share and enjoy!
  • “Lifestyle Sessions”:   A personalized session that documents your family’s memories, moments and daily life… all in the comfort of your own home.  The possibility are ENDLESS and I LOVE getting CREATIVE with these sessions!  Whether it’s bath-time, swimming, riding bikes, story time in bed, shopping, catching bugs or painting nails, it’s ALWAYS a great idea to document what a REAL day looks like for your family!
  • Web-sized images:  When posting online, photos must be re-sized to look their best.  (Otherwise, social media sites will automatically do it for you, which often leaves photos looking blurry.)  In addition to your High-Resolution digital files, I’ll include another folder with all of your re-sized images… ready to be shared!
  • Copyright Release Form:  This form states grants you permission to print your images.
  • “Story Boards”:  A Story Board is a print (ordered through me) of multiple images on (1) print.  Common sizes are 12×12, 20×10 and 24×12.  There are a FUN way to display more than one photo!


If you have ANY other questions or would like to hear more about my photography-style, please call, text or email me anytime!



“Christy Martin has brought so much joy to our family with her photography. Thank you for helping us memorialize such a special time in our lives with your amazing talent. I am so blessed that Christy was able to photograph my son’s first birthday party. She captured amazing little details and special moments of the party that bring a smile to my face every time I look at the photographs. My husband and I were able to enjoy the party without worrying if special moments were captured on camera. Her patience, enthusiasm, and creativity are truly a gift. I would highly recommend Christy Martin for birthday parties or any special events in your lives. Her work is priceless.
Thank you!”
-Michael and Lindsey Roveto


“Christy has taken family photos for us each year for several years.  I know how wonderful she is and how meaningful her photos are to me.  That being said, as much as I wanted to have her photograph my daughter’s 5th birthday party, I felt guilty about paying a professional to come and document her birthday party.  It was a substantial chunk of the birthday party budget.  However, I ultimately decided that I wanted Christy to be there since this was the first “friend party” that my daughter had ever had.  Having Christy there was the best decision that I made with regards to the party (and, if I say so myself,  I made a lot of great decisions while planning the party!).  Anyone who knows Christy is aware of how vivacious she is and what a gift she has with children.  Initially my daughter was a little overwhelmed at her party and was reserved.  Christy, however, was able to get her to laugh and start having a great time with her silly comments and actions.  Also, when we needed an extra set of hands with the birthday crafts, she jumped in without ever being asked.  Now that I have mentioned how much of a help Christy was at the party, I can’t possibly put into words how extraordinary her photos were.  As always, she captured the special spirit that my daughter possesses in each and every photo.  I would not give those photos up for any amount of money.  No matter the cost, I will always have Christy at future birthday parties.  She truly is amazing!
-Marcy Hanks


“Christy YOU are amazing! You made this whole Senior Picture experience AMAZING. The time you took getting to know Madison over the last 2 months with your texts and emails made meeting you easy and made her feel very comfortable- all I can say is simply THANK YOU! We will never forget this day! You made my daughter feel pretty and your final photo’s just made her say “Wow” (me too)! Big hug to you. I am telling everyone I know about you-you earned our total trust! Thanks again! Blessings, Misty”

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