Pecan Shaking (Part 2)

Remember the post from December where my grandfather asked Matthew and Ross to come over and ‘shake-down’ a bunch of his pecan trees?!?!  If you missed it, read the story HERE.

After Matthew, Ross and I took turns jumping on the branches and sending a flood of acorns to the ground, I looked over and saw Rayna sitting on the grass, away from all the commotion, holding, talking to and kissing on her baby sister…

I’ve blogged this tip MANY times before, but, I can’t stress enough how IMPORTANT it is to

Is it always easy to pull out your camera?  Unfortunately, no.
Furthermore, if you’re married and/or have children, you already know it’s NEVER ‘not always’ appreciated when others see you pull out your camera.

However, taking the photos (or, better-yet, HIRING a professional photographer where YOU can actually be in photos you’re proud of) will be something you’ll TREASURE FOREVER!!!

Perfect example?  This picture below of ‘Grandmama’ and Ruthie.
Nothing fancy.  Just took a second.  But, I wouldn’t take any amount of money for it.
(And, in my opinion, that’s EXACTLY how photos SHOULD be.)


These last pictures are dedicated to ‘Grandmama.’  She has followed my blog, probably, longer than anyone.  Other than a few typos here-and-there, wanna’ know her only complaint??!?  She says there’s no photos of ME with my kids.

Sooooo, just for her…

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