Pecan Shaking (Part 1)

Most moms check their kids out of school for a doctor or dental visit.  But, Ross’ ‘important appointment’ last week had been planned for several months.  And just like a few other times I’ve let my kids stay out of school to spend with family, this also turned out to be a very educational learning experience… especially for me!

‘Grand-daddy’ (my grandfather who I lived next door to my entire childhood) had asked Matthew and Ross’ to help shake down his pecan trees this year.  Apparently, even though the pecans are barely hanging on, sometimes the branches just need a good shake to send hundreds and hundreds of pecans to the earth.

Grand-daddy  told the story of how his dad’s grandfather used the money they earned from their pecans to pay for the taxes on their farm.  Grand-daddy clearly remembers being a boy around Ross’ age and doing the same exact thing Ross was doing.  It was really neat knowing this ‘Pecan-Shaking Tradition‘ has been in our family SEVEN generations!


Grand-daddy was prepared… 
He brought a ladder and sent Matthew and Ross up the trees.
He equipped Rayna with an umbrella where the down-pour of pecans wouldn’t ruin her day.
And he was ready with his pecan-roller-picker-upper.


I love just about EVERYTHING about my girl, but I really value how hard of a worker she is.  She only stood there holding the umbrella for a few minutes before she realized, if she multi-tasked, she could actually protect her head and gather pecans at the same time.  Being a hard-worker is one of my favorite traits in a person.  And I think it’s safe to say, Rayna’s got this attribute covered!
After climbing and shaking lots and lots of trees, Matthew needed a break from his extreme workout.  So, I jumped in!  Grandmama didn’t like me up there in my dress-shoes, but Matthew reminded her that I’m a country girl at heart.
Thank for taking this picture, Rayna!  (I’m biased, but, as always, she has correctly composed yet another image with no need for cropping.  She’s a natural.  Just sayin’.)

Is it just me, or, is Ross WAAAAAAAAAY too high?!?!?!?

I have just a few more that are too cute not to share; so, check back in a few days for part II!

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