One Big, Happy (, Funny & Warm) Family!

If every child could grow up in a family like this, the world would be a wonderful place.  They were all so kind and caring.  Yet, between the six of them, we were laughing the whole time.  And talk about an abundant amount of love for Graceson!  Each parent, grandparent and great-grandparent was very clear he or she wanted their turn all alone with Graceson for photos.  (Speaking of which… Christine, Graceson’s mom, has a very creative idea for her wall space and these photographs.  A lot of my clients ask me for advice about picture placement and design in their home.  Perhaps when the finish product is delivered and mounted, Christine will let me take a picture of her display where I can share her great idea with some of you.)
It was very special to photograph FOUR GENERATIONS together.  As I photographed them all together, I looked down and LOVED the contrast of their hands together.  I can’t decide if I like the color or black and white best.  I posted both, so let me know which one if your favorite!

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