Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a super-silly little baby.

Although she was only 12-months old, those who knew this little girl all agreed that she was well-aware of her silliness and tried to make those around her (especially her mom and dad) laugh.


Shortly following an afternoon rain, the little girl’s mom took her outside to play before bedtime.

Bypassing all of her push-toys, making her way to the middle of the manhole and proceeding to SPLASH around in all the rain-water was pretty funny



But after splashing and posing, she thought of something that would be REALLY funny…ruthiedrink



DRINKING the RAIN WATER off the top of a MANHOLE!?!?
(Really, Ruthie?)
Silly girl!
“Mom?  You’re taking pictures of this?!?!  Well, in THAT case…”

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