My Perfect Girl

If you’ve had a session with me or had your child in my class at church, you KNOW how much I love kids.  But, I happen to be the BIGGEST fan of the two kiddies that sleep just down the hall from me each night.

Ross has always been very different than me.  He is extremely independent.  He never takes ‘no’ for an answer and challenges everything.  He has incredible people-skills, but thankfully, he’s not a people-pleaser.  All of the things I find challenging with Ross (and opposite of me), happens to be the things I love the MOST about him.

Although I appreciate all of Ross’ qualities and know he’s going to do some amazing things in life, I am SO thankful for a child like this one…

Even though I always tell people Ross and Rayna are both perfect, anyone who has ever tried to get Ross to finish a meal or walk-away from a claw-machine (after only six or seven $0.50 attempts to win), knows there is only ONE ‘perfect‘ child in our family.

Rayna holds my heart.
For the past 3 months, as I’ve been extremely sick with my head in the toilet, she’ll come into the bathroom and just rub my back without saying a word.
If she hears me say I’m hungry, you can find her pulling out her kitchen stool, bread, peanut butter and jelly to make me a snack all by herself.
She must tell me once a day how much she loves our wedding picture.  Just this morning, she asked if she could put it in her room “because you looked so pretty and Daddy was so handsome!”

Every moment with her is so easy.
We do clothes together.
We cook together.
We dance together.
And I must hug and kiss her a million times a day.

I am so glad our new baby girl will have such a great sister, friend and example in her life!



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