Mississippi Traditions… bugs, ice-cream and dirty clothes!

It seems like we’re always looking for a reason to visit our family in Mississippi.  (Yes, we’ve been known to make the ‘quick trip’ there to see my niece perform in a play; then, head back the next day!)  But, our kids travel really well and, most importantly, they LOVE spending time with their older cousins!


When we go to Mississippi, regardless of how long we stay or the time of year we visit, there’s a few things that are guaranteed to happen: 

The kids will always find water and always make me say to myself:
“The next time we come, I have GOT to remember to pack extra clothes!”
Lots of extra pool-side cuddles with one of Ruthie’s best buddies…ddenn



Ross always seems to find at least DOUBLE the critters, insects, bugs and reptiles that he catches on a normal day at home.  (And, yes… it’s NOT uncommon for a “Mississippi-turtle” or “Mississippi-lizard” to travel 7 hours with us back to Georgia.  I was getting ready to put-my-foot-down because it was starting to look like a baby BAT was going to be in the back seat during the ride home!)

I LOVE how this little guy is trying to escape… frogDSC_3702b

And no matter what state we all end-up in, you can find Madison and Rayna cooking together!
This year, they let the newest lil’ Martin-cook help!DSC_3662n



And while the girls stayed all-clean, productive and sweetly-smelling, the boys went “scooping” and got GROSS and DIRTY and SMELLY!  (“Scooping” is when you use a net to retrieve and  pull-out mud from the bank of a river.  When you dump the mud on the ground, you use your hands to look for ‘treasures.’  ‘Treasures’ can include (but certainly not limited to) fish, snails, little snakes, craw-fish, tadpoles and MUCH more!
(No, this is NOT a joke.  Yes, it IS actually more fun than it sounds.  ESPECIALLY when you go with Ross and get to experience TOTAL EXCITEMENT with E-V-E-R-Y-  S-I-N-G-L-E thing he finds!)


Oh, and then, there’s ALWAYS ice-cream with Madison and Rayna!madison


Gotta’ post 1 more (old) picture because I LOVE traditions!
Same cousins…
Same ice-cream store…
Just 4 years later!


And just 2 more of Madison (because she’s so easy to photograph)…


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