Matthew’s SURPRISE 30th Birthday Party!

I’ve always known I wanted to have a surprise party for Matthew’s 30th birthday.  The months leading up to his birthday, I tried to think of the perfect place. 

Restaurants are too crowded…  My house isn’t big enough….  A coffee house would be cool, but he’s not a big coffee-drinker….
Finally, I just asked myself, “What would be Matthew’s dream day?” 
It was in that moment I knew what he would love most:  FOOTBALL with his closest friends and family.  DONE.

Now my dilemma is how we can execute the perfect “SURPRISE!” moment as all his friends and family wait on the field as he approached.  My sister had the perfect plan.  I created a fake letter I put in Ross’ preschool bag (that came home with him on Friday).  It was asking the parents to take part in a ‘homework assignment’ about using our senses.  I attached a new blindfold and wrote directions for the parent to wear the mask for part of the assignment.  

The fake letter worked perfectly!  Matthew loves being a part of Ross’ school activities.  So naturally, he was totally on board to let Ross lead him around to our ‘special location’. 

As we arrived at the field (with Matthew still blindfolded), I was SO touched by the 60 PEOPLE that came out to be part of his special day!  Here are a few…

Matthew was 100% shocked.  He had NO idea!  He was thrilled to see everyone, but he was SO surprised to see all the people who drove or flew-in from out of state!  (His sister, brother and sister-in-law drove in from Jackson, MS.  His best friend from childhood {red “42” shirt} flew in from NW Arkansas.  His parents drove 12 hours!)

A lot of you got much better shots than mine, but, just to prove how surprised he was…
bDSC_0008n bDSC_0069
These guys were serious about their football game…bDSC_0035I was so happy to see Kelli- one of my closest friends from kindergarten!bDSC_0107

Rayna was so happy she got to have all of the balloons after the party!bDSC_0168

I could not have done this alone.  A HUGE ‘Thank You’ to my parents, Matthew’s parents, Hannah & Jason!
Lastly, Thank you ALL who came out for Matthew’s special day!  It meant so much to both of us!

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