Matthew, Catalina and Jack

Remember a year ago when I wrote about that warm-and-fuzzy feeling I got after a session?!?!?  If you missed that post, in a nutshell, I photographed a family who was JUST as SWEET and KIND as they were GORGEOUS and PHOTOGENIC.  Oh, and this wonderful couple had this ADORABLE little boy named Jack (…who I wanted to keep forever).

So tonight, a year later, as much as I’d love to write about Matthew, Catalina and Jack (and how much I appreciate them contacting me MONTHS ago to schedule a trip back to Georgia for Jack’s photos), I’ll simply say the SAME EXACT thing that I said the last time I photographed them:

I love this couple.

I love the true emotion and love they demonstrate towards one another.

I love my job.

(And, I STILL love Jack!)


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