‘Celebrating Michelle’

Before you read anything else, please take a second and send this link to your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother or any man in your life.  If he happens to be in the same place as you now, tell him he’s got to sit down with you for just a moment.  I am about to share some valuable information that any man could greatly benefit from. 

Matthew’s brother-in-law wanted to plan a special birthday for his wife Michelle.  Although it was hard to keep it a surprise, I was so excited to be part of this celebration for my sister-in-law!
I witnessed these events first-hand.  So now, I have several tips to share with you on HOW TO MAKE THE GIRL IN YOUR LIFE FEEL INCREDIBLY SPECIAL & LOVED:

Months before the big day, start planning!  Call everyone and tell them to block their calendars for the big surprise.
Have an Escalade stretch limo waiting outside your house.  Go pick-up some of your favorite people to celebrate with.  (That’s where we came in!) 

Reserve a private room at Pappadeaux where you SURPRISE her YET AGAIN with her dad who is suppose to be at his house… almost 800 miles away! 
THEN, have her mom (also suppose to be almost 800 miles away) come out…

There’s more…
Ask everyone at the table to share the things they love the most about Michelle.  Below is Jimmie’s dad telling Michelle she is everything he could have ever wanted in a daughter… 
This is right after Michelle’s dad talked about how special she was as a little girl… and still is today.

As IF she needed more, Jimmie framed and read a poem he wrote to her. 
It gets better… Jimmie actually apologized that he got a little choked-up.  (How sweet is that?!?!)  Curious what it said?  Don’t worry!  He gave me permission to share with the world…

“So Michelle… You are thirty-two
I think I have heard most of the stories about you

From your boyfriends you’ve had since you were two
To all of the cars you’ve been through

From how much your daddy loves you
To finally getting that connection with your mama too

And not to mention all those fights with Matthew
As that relationship has come full-circle too

Speaking of relationships… There are three where God’s perfect love flows through
From “I need help with my homework” to “Can I have a snack?”and all the boo-hoos and attitudes
Then it is finally, “Mama, I love you!”As for me, I know this life with you will be an exciting ride
As we travel through it side-by-side
So without further ado, Happy Birthday to You!”

As my in-laws listened to poem, I knew what they are thinking because I’ve heard them say it out loud many times before.  They are so thankful Michelle is married to someone who loves and values her so much.

Time for ANOTHER surprise… Michelle’s cousin surprised Michelle at dinner.  Jimmie arranged for her to come in from Chicago!

After lots of raw oysters and fried shrimp, we headed to The Punchline.  Keeping-up with the careful planning of the entire night, we were on the front row.  (At this point, Jimmie… I’m beyond impressed with you!)  Here are the girls… on stage as they should be.

Jimmie made it clear this night wasn’t about a fancy car or a nice dinner.  In the words of Jimmie, we all came together to celebrate Michelle.  

Her compassion has given so many children a safe home and allowed many of them to feel love for the first time. 
Her humor breaks the ice and keeps everyone around her laughing.
Her honesty never leaves you wondering, “I wonder how she really feels about it.” 
Her love is what makes all want to come together and just celebrate Michelle.

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