I struck gold when I married Matthew.
He was different than any other guy I had ever met.  To this day, 14 years later, I’ve STILL yet to meet anyone with his personality, athleticism, looks, loyalty, brain, giving heart and common-sense.

But when I married him, I ALSO got his INCREDIBLE family.  His mom and dad are both AMAZING and I treasure them more than words can express.  But, it doesn’t stop with just his parents.  Everyone in his family have played a big part in my own life.  (I wasn’t kidding when I said I struck gold!) 

Madison, Matthew’s niece, was only 5 years old when I met her.   And, even though she lives in Jackson, MS,  I’ve taken thousands of photos of her throughout her life.  So it was no surprise when I got a text from her mom a few weeks ago asking “for a big favor.”  Madison needed senior photos and wanted me to take them.  So, like anyone who loves photography, her niece and road-trips, I said, “Of course!  I’ll be there!”

We took these images in downtown Canton, which was an AWESOME spot!  I had passed it 3 years ago and actually made a note to try to shoot there sometime.  So, Madison, Raynamy assistant’ and I took off for some fun!  If the background looks familiar, The Help, My Dog Skip and lots of other movies were filmed here!

Just a quick picture of Madison with her brother…

Need a few more?!?!  Check out Madison’s video!


Here are a few from the last few years with Madison…
It’s so fun to see how much Madison has grown-up!

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