Mack, Maya, Mack, Maddox & Marley

If you didn’t get enough of Marley last month, here’s some more for you!  For THIS session, she decided to bring along her mom, dad and two adorable big brothers!

I warned Maya at the beginning of our session… I LOVE photographing a mom with her children.  So often, moms are the ones taking all the pictures and it seems we NEVER get in any.  To me, the professional photos I have with my kids are some of my most valued possessions! 
Moms- Don’t you agree?!


Let me explain this next series:

I took the first image at the very beginning of the session.  I would rate the boys ‘happy.’
I took the second image in the middle of our session, after moving from a field to a CREEK.  I would rate the boys ‘happier.’
I took the last image when I told the boys we were finished, but really wanted to take some more of them having fun we were ‘UN-officially finished’.  I’d say they were both the ‘happiest‘ at this point (…with half of their clothes off)!

You can see from the last few images, I wasn’t kidding about how much I enjoy photographing a mom with her kids!  I had to post a few more of Maya and her beautiful children…

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