Kyle, Rania, Adam and Aiden

Rania’s last words to me on the phone before our weekend session was, “If you can get Aiden to be still, I will clap for you!”
Well, although the boys DID do a lot of running (as posted a few photos down), I was able to pull-out some tricks and capture Aiden’s attention long enough to get some laughs!

(On a side-note, EVVVVVERY family feels like their child has a hard time sitting still for photos.  PLEASE do not ever let that discourage you from doing something as important as family photos!  If you choose a photographer who truly LOVES working with kids and is use to chasing around kids, as hard as you think it might be, it will STILL be fun and TOTALLY worth it!)

Wrapping-up this season, I’m thankful for all my returning clients, as well as families like Rania and Kyle who trusted me for the first time to photograph their beautiful family!boysadamadam1AIDENboys1Fall-7Fall-68Fall-39

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