Kevin, Tara, Ava & Austin

Kevin gets THE award.

I’m not sure what I’m naming his special award yet, but it has something to do with being the craziest and most fun dad ever!  During my sessions, I LOVE watching the kids play and run around.  Well, for this session, it was the kids AND Kevin running around!  It was refreshing and funny and awesome.  That’s why he’s getting the award-I-haven’t-officially-created-yet.  Thanks, Kevin!

Okay, enough about Kevin’s rewards.  Let’s take a look at this beautiful family that I just adored being with…

Can anyone say Story Board for Ava’s room?!?!   That’s exactly what I’d do if I had these shots of me and Rayna!  What a pair!

How precious!

Wow… how gorgeous is Ava?

There’s not much better than a little boy and his special cape…

Another one of my favorites…Leave some blog-love (aka: COMMENTS!) for this wonderfully sweet & playful & beautiful family!

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