Just a Bath… (Merry Christmas!)

I wanted to post a quick blog during Ross and Rayna’s nap and prior to our annual Christmas meal.  First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS to whoever is nice enough to actually check my blog on Christmas day!  Please leave me some blog-love (aka: a comment) where I’ll know you were here!  It always makes me happy to see you were checking for updates.

Since I can’t post a blog without posting a picture, and all of Ross and Rayna’s photos from this morning are still in my camera downstairs, I’ll leave you with an image I took over eight years ago in Ghana, Africa.  This picture kept popping in my head this morning as I thought about how blessed we all are.  It’s easy to get caught-up in the toys, clothes, food and activities, but I want to always remember the smile on this little boy’s face below.  Regardless of his only bath for the week being a cold and dirty one, he still seemed to be so grateful for the little he had. 

Count your blessings.
Enjoy the moment.
Take time to remember the true meaning of Christmas.


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