Jeff, Meghan, Kohen & Maya

Jeff and Meghan have such a special family.  Each year, I look forward to seeing Meghan’s name pop-up on my phone… hoping she’s ready to schedule a time to update her family’s photos!  Out of the five sessions we’ve had together, this year was my favorite!

Kohen has a little sister now and it’s VERY evident how much he loves her.  As a matter-of-fact, he says God made him strong where he could take care of Maya.  Is it just me, or can you tell from this image how peaceful and loved she must feel with her big brother’s ‘strong‘ arms wrapped tightly around her…

This image was suppose to be of Jeff & Meghan alone; but look who decided to run in and join them?!?!  I just LOVE real moments like this….
Jeff & Meghan- I’m always so refreshed after spending time with your family.  You both display so much love, patience and kindness in your life, marriage and parenting.  Kohen and Maya will, no doubt, be wonderful people with you two as their examples!



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