Hypothetically speaking, of course, if I were to have a nose-bleed just as I squatted down to take the first photo of a session, there’s NO ONE in the world I’d rather it happen with than my childhood-friend, Jason!

Living just a few minutes away, Jason was one of my closest buddies growing-up. I watched him love and care for all types of animals. My family even called on him to treat our animals.

So when I moved back to Georgia and Jason invited me to visit his Rescue Farm, I was THRILLED!

Inside his fences roam so many healthy animals, each with their own stories of rescue. Although one horse stands tall and strong now, there’s a horrible scar that’s a reminder of how his last owner slit his neck and left him for dead. There’s silly goats, expressive ducks, a huge pig, a few more horses, sweet rabbits and too many chickens to count!

All of these sweet critters are now safe and happy, thanks to Jason!

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