Important Questions

Me:     “Ross, Do you want to move back to Georgia and live closer to PaPa, GiGi, Hannah, Joseph and Austen?”
Ross:   “Do they have tattoos in Georgia?”
Me:     “Yes, they have tattoos in Georgia.”
Ross:  “My wanna’ move to Georgia.”

We went out with our friends Aaron and Hayley on Friday night to get some pictures together before we moved.   After I took some of them alone, Aaron took a few of my family.  
I have always loved how Ross leans his head into me when I’m holding him.  I’m so glad Aaron captured that moment between us.  I can’t help but smile when I notice both of our “Fresh & Easy” tattoos are showing. 
Another one of my favorite pictures of Ross was taken by Aaron a few months ago at the zoo.  (Search ‘zoo’ at the top and it will come up.)  Maybe I should just hire Aaron to get Ross’ 3-year photos since I can’t seem to get a smile out of him!

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