Happy Birthday, Matthew!

I love the games he makes up… DSC_0573



I love his eyes… DSC_1062

I love how he never complains when I ask him to pull-over the car (…just for me to take ‘one more‘ picture)… DSC_2032n

I love how all his friends and family make fun of him for being so cheap.  Yet, he chooses to put his ‘thrifty-tendencies’ aside in exchange for us traveling alone together and experiencing some of God’s beautiful creation… DSC_2065n


I love that MY GIRL is going to KNOW her self worth because of the way HE loves her so well… DSC_4006n
And even though he’d much rather be skiing alone, I love that he gladly tubes with the kids as many times as they want… DSC_4733n

I love how he leads us on outdoor adventures…DSC_5737

I love when he wears his hat backwards… DSC_5920


I LOVE that, despite me and Ross just wanting to cuddle and drink hot chocolate inside, he DRAGS us ALL out into the snow every year… DSC_6039n
I LOVE, RESPECT, ADMIRE and APPRECIATE how the MOST important thing in his life is his relationship with Jesus… DSC_6338

I love that he makes our kids so relaxed and easy-going… DSC_8125n

(I’m sorry, but I love his back…) DSC_8406j

I even love how he throws our kids too high… DSC_8857n


And, I love how he isn’t ashamed to call everyone together to praise God for all His blessings… IMG_6842

Happy Birthday, Matthew!

The kids wanted to make you a video.  There were several clips I REALLY wanted to us.  But, someone in our family ruled-out some SUPER-CUTE singing clips!  ( Turns out, a 10-year old boy seems to be the toughest critic when it comes to approving family videos!)

Enjoy!  We love you SO much and are SO thankful “you belong to us!”

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