Hannah & Jason

This weekend was very special for me and my family.  Hannah (my sister) got married!  We are all very excited about their future together.

I’m glad Grandmama came in just a few minutes before the ceremony.  We had all forgotten about getting the veil on.With all of the pictures I’ve taken of Jason lately, I couldn’t help but notice how photogentic he is.  He’s the only person I know who can refrain from blinking, talking or licking his lips while the camera is shooting.Hannah and Jason wrote their own vows.  (I love it!) 
She is just putting the words in her head on paper before the ceremony.Hannah, my mom and myself.Right after he and my mom gave Hannah away, my dad played the guitar and sung, “I Loved Her First”  He did a great job.   

There’s nothing sweeter than a guy getting a little emotional while saying his vows.Hannah surprised everyone by singing Jason a song.  It was really sweet because, in his vows,
Jason had just talked about Hannah’s voice and how much he loves it.

This was right after they were married.  (I don’t know if I like the color version or black and white best.  I posted them both.  What do you think?)

Although it felt like it was ten degrees below zero, Matthew (Jason’s brother) came outside with me for a quick picture.  You can’t even tell how cold he was, can you?Why a picture of Matthew alone?  Ummm… I don’t have a good answer for that question.  I just thought he was looking especially awesome.  I wanted to share the love.Bye Hannah and Jason!  Relax, have fun and stay warm on your honeymoon!

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