Halle and Emma

Halle and Emma are FUN and SWEET and a pure JOY to photograph!
Most of the time, their parents just relax somewhere away from us and let us do our thing.  (Even though I forced them get in ONE photo at the end.  Yes, I posted it.  I hope Jay and Rachel aren’t mad at me!)

This session was no different… We laughed and played and talked about our favorite things- whales, penguins and dolphins.  (If you haven’t seen this video that I was telling them about with a penguin and killer whales, you’ve gotta check it out!)  emma1Staples-30hallestaplesStaples-38emmaStaples-32Staples-69

I love looking back at past sessions… take a look at our last session together!  They’ve grown-up SO much!

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