When my family walked into Calvary Chapel, the Smiths were the first ones who surrounded us with love.

When doubts and fears were flooding my mind about unenrolling the kids from public school, the Smiths helped us to see the joy, beauty, simplicity and GIFT of HOMESCHOOLING!

Whether through Contra, homeschool groups or (my PERSONAL FAVORITE) lessons with Epic First Dance, DANCING has been another amazing gift the Smiths have extended to my family!

All of these wonderful things would have been enough, but the girls and I also had the gift of shadowing Hailey on a beautiful, spring, GARDEN DAY! Hailey is not only an incredibly talented and gifted HARPIST, she is also very passionate about gardening, planting and sustainability.

We picked Spiderwort flowers to bring home, found African Violets for our tea, enjoyed delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, dried (and learned the health benefits of) red raspberry leaves and planted lots of green beans! It was definitely one of my FAVORITE homeschooling days!

Most of the day was spent working the land in old clothes, but, just for icing-on-the-cake, Hailey wore her mid-1800’s working dress for a few memories!

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