Granny & Ruthie

She’s an excellent story-teller.
Although she’s had heart-breaking times in her life, her stories are those of hard-work and laughter.

She’s an amazing cook.
Even though her hands don’t work as quickly and efficiently as they did a few years ago, there’s usually a fresh pan of cornbread and homemade vegetable soup at her house at all times.

She has a heart for God.
When you walk into her kitchen, you’ll usually see her Bible open by her chair.  She also prays specifically for every person in our family each morning and throughout the day.

She loves animals.
When I was in middle school, she took care of my pet pig when we went on vacation.  Now, over twenty years later, she’s STILL taking care of my dog when I go out of town.  And just like with “Pearl” the pig, she’s still makes special meals for Murphy.

She’s STILL incredible with children and babies.
Ruthie will turn 1 around the same time Granny will turn 98 years old.  Even though she can’t carry around a baby like she use to, she STILL knows how to make one feel loved!

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