Georgia Aquarium: Sleep Under the Sea!

As the evening crowd started to disappear and the noises faded, we began our ‘Sleep Under The Sea’ at the Georgia Aquarium!

Our wonderful tour guide, Jess, gave us a behind-the-scene tour of, not only all the popular exhibits, but the hidden, inside-systems it takes to run the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere.

Some of our favorite spots were: veterinary clinic, kitchen, the crane (used to bring in the whale sharks), security systems, filtration room and a top-view of Ocean Voyager’s 6.3 million gallons of water!

As our night tour wrapped-up, we were given our assigned sleeping area. I knew all of the possible sleeping spots probably had excellent views, but I WANTED TO CRY ‘was THRILLEDwhen our guide lead our family into the “Ocean Voyager” TUNNEL!

This is the only place in North America you can even SEE the largest type of fish in the world (whale shark), much less SLEEP with them swimming ABOVE you!

To say this was a ‘once in a lifetime experience’ would be an understatement! Looking up at God’s creation, surrounded by my family, was a moment I hope to never, ever forget!

We woke-up bright and early to get a head-start on MORE private, behind-the-scenes tours. We saw handlers interacting with the animals, scuba divers cleaning the tanks, whale sharks being fed and penguins eating fish out of a trainer’s hand.

As the general public started filling the building, our ‘official‘ time was over. But that didn’t mean we had to leave! As part of the admission, we were able to continue to enjoy the aquarium as long as we’d like the second day. My family decided to enjoy the 4-D theater experience, ‘Dolphin Tales’ show, walrus show and explore the aquarium once MORE!

Our family’s DNA must have traces of grease, because, without fail, everything we do seems to either begin or end with a trip to The Varsity. (Because of shared bathrooms and small, contained sleeping areas, we took the ‘safe’ route and choose to eat here AFTER our sleep-over party!)

Here’s a super short video of some of the ‘behind the scene’ tours we got to experience!

Many have asked how much an experience like this costs. My super, duper, sweet and thoughtful parents purchased this for us, but the website currently list this as $100.95 per person for non-members.

Although it IS a big investment, I can’t even begin to describe how INCREDIBLE it was! It would be an EXCELLENT birthday or Christmas present! Personally, I’d be willing to skip a few less expensive trips in exchange for something as AWESOME as this! In other words, find a EXCUSE ‘reason’ to GO!

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