Found a Few Favorites!

Backing-up my hard-drive, I came across a few pictures from the week before we moved to Arkansas.  Here’s a few fun memories from Georgia…




My dad actually took these!  I was at my grandparent’s house one day and he asked me for my camera.  (It doesn’t happen very often, but, I LOVE when people offer to take my camera where I can get a picture with my kids!  He’s GREAT at this!  He took some of me jumping off cliffs with the kids last summer!  Great memories!)

On a side note, how COOL is this shot with Ruthie and I out-of-focus?!?!?  DSC_9098nDSC_9099square



“Ruthie?!?!?  Can you PLEEEEEASE just smile for 1 quick picture?!?!?!”
Thank you!DSC_9082n



Picking the sunflowers Grandaddy planted at his house for us…




Playing in Ross’ room before I started packing…DSC_9043b



Ruthie’s gymnastics class was certainly one of the highlights of our weeks in Georgia.  We loved Dacula Family Sports!




Loving our time on the lake…



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