“Favorite Things”

It was a normal week in the 4-year old classroom at church.  There was only a few minutes before the children’s moms and dads would start to line-up outside the door to pick-up their child and enjoy the last day of their weekend.  In order to keep the picking-up process easy, we asked the kids to all sit in a circle on the floor. 

While Matthew walked around  and handed each child his jacket, I sat on the floor with the children and tried to think of a question that would keep each child engaged until their parent appeared at the door.

“Okay… Name one of your VERY favorite things.”

The first little boy thought for just a second before screaming “Pizza!”  As we went around the circle, the first little boy seemed to have set the stage for the next 18 kids.  Although most kids repeated the pizza-yell, there were a few who offered other snack items like ice cream or candy. 

As the sounds of  parent’s footsteps started to reach the halls, I looked at the last little girl who was sitting beside me and asked, “What’s your favorite thing?”

Without any hesitation, she looked up with a huge smile on her face and said, “My Mommy!  She loves me SO much and always hugs me SO tight!”  

In that moment, not only did I have to blink a few times to keep the tears from dropping down my cheek, but I sat there amazed by the only child who looked deep into her heart and answered such a simple question with so much feeling and sincerity.  More than anything, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of mother she must have… 

Her mother’s wisdom must be teaching her it’s okay to not answer like everyone else…
Her mother’s love must be teaching her that there’s nothing that can replace love and tight hugs- even a big slice of pizza.

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