I recently listened to someone who was interviewing Farredeh.  After the man made a comment that she looked like a super-model when she walked in the room, Farredeh was quick to set the record straight that she was just a ‘normal, stay-at-home mom.’

When I met her for the first time, it was clear by the looks she received from the people around us, she was anything but ‘normal.’  At our shoot, she had barely gotten out of her vehicle when we hear a man blow his horn and yell out something that, I’m sure, was suppose to be taken as a compliment.  I highly doubt all of these people recognize her from the cover of Good Housekeeping magazine a few months ago.  I am pretty sure they are simply not use to seeing such a fun, gorgeous and confident ‘normal, stay-at-home mom,’ like Farredeh.

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