Farrah’s Family

As I packed-up early Monday morning for my trip back home from Arizona, my phone rang with a familiar number from Georgia.  It was Farrah, a client-turned-friend, calling with some pretty heart-breaking news.  I cried with her as she told me how she found her dad who had passed away very unexpectedly in the middle of the night. 

Although her heart was broken, she was somehow comforted by all of her family who had come into town (from all over the United States) to be together.  During this time, it hit her that it had been years and years since their family had photos taken together.   I went to her house as soon as I arrived back in town to take some pictures before her dad’s funeral service.  

Despite their loss, they still managed to have a great attitude during our shoot.  In fact, this family REALLY knows how to have fun.  I only posted the ‘normal’ shots, but believe me… there were PLENTY of crazy out-takes that I can’t wait for their family to see!

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