Family Beach Trip

Anyone else look forward to one, particular trip EVERY year?!?! That’s exactly how I feel about our family’s summer BEACH TRIP!

My grandparents are so sweet to bless my parents, my family and my sister’s family with a wonderful week by the ocean. Each year is filled with wonderful memories, but I think THIS year might have been my FAVORITE!

Matthew IS NOT A PLANNER ‘loves to be spontaneous’, so it was a big surprise (to all of us) when he called his brother to see if we could make a pit-stop at his house before our vacation actually started!

It was a GREAT start to the week! Their front yard is a gorgeous, empty beach. Oh, and there’s ERNIE too!

My parents rented jet skis again this year. So fun! Most everyone spotted dolphins, so, that in it’s self, makes for an amazing day!

Right before we left for vacation, Matthew told us that someone he knew gave us ALL with Disney tickets! What a GENEROUS gift! Not only did we get a park-hopper, we all had more Fast Passes that we knew what to do with!
We ended up experiencing ALL 4 parks… 21 rides… NO lines and a TON of memories! My sister and I also got to enjoy the very private Club 33! (Hannah and I are NOT fancy, so we felt pretty stinkin’ special!)

We were certainly blessed this year with all the extras, but I know it’s ALL about the relationships and memories made.

We laughed!
We swam!
We ate!

We witnessed my sister almost lose her cool when a complete stranger tried to correct one of our kids on something that was none of her business. We LAUGHED a LOT!

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