Enjoying MIAMI (in my room)

After leaving Chattanooga last week, we drove to Mississippi to meet Matthew’s parents half-way and drop off the kids with them for an entire week.  Matthew’s job invited all the sales reps to Miami with only one rule- no kids.  
As we left Ross and Rayna last weekend, I wipped away my tears, pulled myself together and tried to focus on ALL the work I was going to get done while Matthew was in class all week.  
When we arrived at this super-fancy hotel, I realized they must think their high-speed internet is super-fancy too.  In order to simply use their wireless connection on my laptop, they charge $14.95 PER DAY, only until noon!  If you’re wanting to get online after noon, it’s ANOTHER $14.95 charge for that day! 
This turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Instead of spending eight straight hours each day working, I slept-in, read some photography and parenting magazines, took a walk, had lunch by the ocean, watched way too much tv and took a few more mid-day naps.  
After doing nothing and loving it, I’m happy to report I AM online now!  (After a little assertive persuasion, the front desk was happy to offer 24-hours of free internet service in exchange for our room not having any hot water the night before.)
Meanwhile, I am caught-up on rest, but don’t have any pictures to post.  I’ll post a quick picture a stranger took of me and Matthew before dinner last night.  Hopefully, I will get out today and tomorrow with my camera.  Check back… Hopefully, I’ll have more to share!

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