Do What You LOVE…

Matthew gave me great business advice that has really helped me out: “Photograph the things that make you happy.” 
In saying that, I have a very important announcement regarding the future of Christy Martin Photography:

With much consideration, I have decided to specialize in 3 and 4 year old Friday night t-ball games, featuring super-cute players with dirty fingernails.

Okay, maybe that’s a little too specific.  In any case, I had a GRRRRRREAT time during this shoot!  I left the game with really dusty camera gear and a huge smile on my face. 


A few of the All-Stars…bdsc_0363







Who needs t-ball when you have a field full of DIRT?b1dsc_0403
He’s going for it…bdsc_0512

With his laughs and gum, Presley was so animated the entire game.  I was happy to get this shot of his serious face.  I love the way he’s standing and holding his bat.bdsc_0552

Gotta’ feature some of the cute specators and future players. bdsc_0539


Thanks for asking me to photograph the team!

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