‘Dixie Dandelions’

When online registration opened for our Small Group (through 12Stone), I became crazy-excited when I got an email from Ashley and Jason saying they were thinking about joining.  

It was perfect…  I have always had a desire to lead a Small Group.  And, since music is so important to me, I always envisioned live-worship.  (The first time I met Jason was when he was singing and playing his guitar at our youth group over 12 years ago.  I knew that if Jason joined, my dream for music at our Small Group would be an awesome reality.)   

Turns out, our Small Group wasn’t all about me and my desires.  Luckily though, God must have known how much Jason’s talent would bless everyone in our group each week.  To my delight, Jason and Ashley DID join our Small Group.  Some of my favorite moments have been Jason leading worship in our living room.

Jason and Tanaya have joined their musical talents in their band ‘Dixie Dandelions.’  They have a lot of exciting things in store next year.  But, first things first:  Pictures for their album! 
In case you didn’t notice, I’ll just clear the air:  Tanaya is beautiful.  Aside from winning almost every pagent she entered, she also has catchlight (aka: light reflection) in her eyes even when she’s looking AWAY from the camera.  Impressive-stuff.     bDSC_0190bwbDSC_0046n

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