Chris & Mary Anne

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is the friendships and relationships I form with my clients.  There’s nothing better than being at church or the mall and running into families I’ve photographed over the years.

The same is true for the most recent family I photographed.  Like many of you reading my blog, I have enjoyed Mary Anne’s photography for quite some time.  However, aside from a few phone conversations and brief chats at church, we really haven’t had the opportunity to get to spend time together.  When Mary Anne came to my grandmother’s house to photograph our 5-Generations, I was so appreciative that she changed the plans last minute and insisted on coming ALL the way to us… simply because she felt like the shoot would be more meaningful.  (She was right!  It was so great having 5 Generations documented in the place where we have all shared so many memories.)  It was evident then just how much she cared about making our session special.)

Mary Anne wanted to document her family before both of her daughters left for school in a few days.  After leaving the Morgan’s house last night, again, I felt so grateful to have gotten to know Mary Anne and her wonderful family even more!  There was plenty of laughs, hugs, music and sweet moments.  Although I had every intention of sharing FAMILY pictures today, the “Chris and Mary Anne” folder was WAY too full of sweet images!  So, for now, here’s a few of JUST Chris and Mary Anne being totally sweet, funny and awesome together.

Check back!  The Morgan’s FAMILY photos are coming soon!

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