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I really don’t know anything about decorating.  However, as quickly as the paint dried in our new house, I had big plans for every inch of our wall space! 
Although I’m a photographer and it’s natural that I love photographs, many of my clients also share the same passion for displaying their own family images on their walls.   Since I’ve had clients ask for ideas on how to frame and display their images,  I thought I’d share a few of mine from my own home. 

I have a few different examples I’d like to show you throughout my house.   Also, I have a few projects I’m very excited about starting in the coming months.  (I’ll post those too once they are completed.)  Since it’s late and I have a 12-hour road trip tomorrow, I’ll just post my most recent project.

I used the wall space between the foyer and the kitchen to display 15 of my favorite family images.  There were lots of black and white images that I loved.  However, the bright colors of some of these images won me over.  bdsc_0004
Instead of choosing images where Ross and Rayna were looking directly at the camera, I wanted images that told a story.  Some of my favorite family memories on the wall are:
* Ross’ first time at the beach
* Rayna (as a baby) looking at me laying beside her, followed by her first LONG, BELLY laugh  (SO happy I had my camera beside me!)
* Ross and his cousins jumping off a cliff into a lake in Arkansas

Word of Advice:  If you are like me and ALWAYS the one behind the camera, HAND IT OVER!  It’s important that your wall of family photos also include YOU in them!  My all-time FAVORITE image of me and Ross (bottom right corner) was taken after I did a shoot for our friends in Arizona.  I handed Aaron my camera and he snapped away.  He captured an image of me holding Ross as he nuzzled his face under my neck.  Before this project, each time I would run across the image on my computer, I would get all-teary-eyed.  Now, I get to experience that warm-and-fuzzy feeling all through the day.


I hope this inspires you to add more family images to YOUR walls!
(To see some of the images I used, check out my gallery on facebook.)

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