“Dear Photograph”

I sat in my parent’s living room, surrounded by several stacks of large photo albums.  Although I had seen the photograph of me a hundred times before, I really started thinking about the old bridge where this photo was taken so many years ago.

My dad built this bridge for me where I could ride my go-cart to my grandparent’s house next door.  In addition to lots of go-cart rides, it also was the structure for me and my friends to play on.  Don’t laugh, but it’s also where I set-up an automatic timer and took MY OWN senior photos.  (Please, no embarrassing comments from my friends who actually received one and, to this day, still make fun of me!)  When I thought back to this picture, it made me so thankful that, not only me, but my kids have also been able to make their own memories on the bridge.

The photo below was inspired by“Dear Photograph”.  If you haven’t heard about it yet, grab a few tissues and check out their website.



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