David, Summer, Jack, Ava Quinn & Levi

Maybe it’s because I remember when my kids were this age, but, I usually feel a little nervous before photographing families with young children. So, before David and Summer’s family session, I prayed God would give us ‘just a few’ photos that would bring their family joy.

Exactly how it should be with children this age, our session was, in fact, non-stop. (Summer even told me that after our session, she and David agreed they’d be happy if we just got ONE photograph!)

Before uploading their images the next day, my Bible reading plan was from Matthew 14 where the fish were prayed over and, as a result, multiplied. After I finished my quiet time and began to go through David and Summer’s session, I quickly realized God DID answer my prayer! Not only did He give us ‘just a few’ photos, He multiplied the images so much, it took me double the editing and posting time that it normally does!

I am NOT saying that a miracle was done inside my Nikon camera! However, it DID make me SMILE as I went through a surplus of sweet, family moments!

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