Dave (and a plug for head shots)

I met Dave two years ago at a wedding I was photographing.  He was the pastor and I was so impressed with his meaningful and symbolic words throughout the ceremony.  Since that wedding, I have received several calls from Dave, just wanting to make sure I haven’t decided to go back to photographing weddings.  He’ll tell me about this great couple he just met and how much he wanted to tell them to call me.  Such a nice guy! Just last year, I was able to meet and photograph his family. Just like Dave, they all were wonderful!

When Dave called me last week, he told me how long it had been since he had photographs taken of himself.  With some new events coming up in his ministry, it was definitely TIME for some updated head shots!  Like most men, or anyone for that matter, Dave wasn’t doing cartwheels about the thought of being in front of the camera without his wife or kids standing beside him.  However, I can’t stress enough how IMPORTANT it is for EVERYONE to have a photograph of them self that they feel good about!

It was great seeing you again, Dave!

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