Daniel and Jenna

When I started my photography business many years ago, I was SO excited to finally be doing what I loved.  I would (literally) shoot ANY project that came my way.  At one point, I was shooting weddings, head-shots, school graduations and soap.  (Yes, gorgeous, homemade soap for a company’s website.)  Then, after juggling all of that, I was thrilled to start working with two children’s magazines covering their events and sponsors.  Needless to say, I got so busy shooting anything and everything, I quickly forgot what I was MOST passion about.

But after a year of saying ‘yes’ to everything, I found myself having to turn down sessions with children because I was too busy photographing the outside of swim schools.  That’s when I decided I had to stop shooting everything, to be able to shoot with I was the MOST passionate about- CHILDREN.

So when Daniel and Jenna asked me to do a session for them (post-marriage/pre-kids), I politely told them I was a Children’s Photographer and they’d have to find someone else…


As much as I LOVE shooting kids (and have been told I make it look easy), it’s REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hard work at times!

Shooting a gorgeous couple in a gorgeous location (thanks, Mary Anne!), was a GREAT way to end an awesome season!

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