Crystal Lake

The only thing better than being in an amazing place is going back and getting to relive all the amazing memories you’ve created there.



Along with my grandparent’s front porch swing and the white sand in Aruba, Crystal Lake is a place that will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart.  I have explored caves with lil’ Ross and lil’ Rayna, been scared to death and shared so many laughs throughout the years.  So, naturally, I couldn’t wait to take Ross, Rayna and Ruthie back to visit!

It was a really hot day, but this is the NEATEST cave…
When you walk-up to where Ross is, you can start to feel a strong current of COLD air blowing out!




In this exact spot, over the years, we’ve experienced everything from hissing snakes to beautiful butterflies to an injured deer to an angry vulture!  Like I said… SO many memories!  (Some better than others!)DSC_2938bDSC_3023nDSC_2988n
Oh, and if you have questioned my previous connection to NW Arkansas, here’s the quick break-down:

  • Matthew’s family moved to NW Arkansas when he was in 3rd grade (Ross’ age) and lived there until Matthew graduated (Rogers High School).
  • Matthew’s parents moved (from Arkansas) to Georgia for a job.  He took a break from his classes at Mississippi State University to visit them in Georgia.  He picked-up a few classes and started really paying attention to the only person in English 1102 with higher grades than him.
  • Although we were young and knew nothing about marriage, we decided to do it anyways.  (Then, after we survived a LONG- first year of marriage, we realized that we WERE in fact, made for one another!)
  • His parents moved BACK to Arkansas… allowing ME to visit and experience Arkansas (…and take a million photos and post a ton of blog posts)!  And if you search ‘Arkansas’ on my blog, you’ll see how much I’ve always enjoyed it!



Thank you for checking the blog!
I’ve got some pictures of a sweet, lil’ baby who just turned 2 years old!  So, check back soon!

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