Corey & Maggie

I did it!  I finished all 14 sessions from Georgia in two weeks flat.  I had my doubts.  But, I’m very proud of myself.  (For everyone thinking, “What’s the big deal?”  Let me tell ya… it takes longer than you think to go through hundreds of images (just from one session), choose, make adjustments, upload Sneak Peeks and load into a gallery.)  I will get the 4 sessions from last weekend posted this week.  So, stay tuned!  Also, check back from a FUN wedding I shot yesterday. 

Back to my reason for a new post…. My last session from Georgia was Corey and Maggie.  They, like several other families, came (way) out of their way to meet me.  (I still can’t believe people are willing to drive well over an hour for me to photograph them.)  But, they were a treat.  This session began several months ago as simply ‘together’ shots.  But, it ended up being an ENGAGEMENT shoot.  (Corey proposed a few weeks before our shoot!)  Congratulations, Corey & Maggie! 

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